Indianapolis Construction Update

Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Medicine program settles into new digs

The Family Medicine Residency Program recently made the move from Beech Grove late last month and into an area with larger spaces and closer access to the Indianapolis campus.

The program consists of five directors and 20 residents. While they are now closer to and easily servicing Indianapolis Campus, there is still a team at Beech Grove until the consolidation in March.

“This location will better serve our patients, as the lab and many ancillary services as well as several specialists are very close by,” said Carrie Anderson, M.D., associate director of the program.

Previously, residency activities, such as noon conferences, were held in different parts of the hospital. Now, they are held in the same location as the office and residents at Beech Grove are able to join through video teleconference.

With new surroundings and new equipment, family residents are seeing patients in 27 exam rooms and three procedure suites. A conference room is available for education and support services. The new location has larger storage areas, expanded nursing stations and individual
spaces for the front office staff.

The St. Francis Family Medicine Center is located at at 5230-A building, Suite 250
and accepting new patients.

ON THE MOVE: March 5-16

The projected timeline for the move for inpatient and other clinical units from Beech Grove to Indianapolis are below.

March 5-9 (Monday to Friday)
• All current Beech Grove-based managers and PCCs move to Indianapolis offices, including
Pharmacy, Orthopedics, Palliative Care, Inpatient Units

March 9-11 (Friday to Sunday)
• Surgery moves to Indianapolis—Beech Grove OR to accommodate only emergency surgeries
• Cancer Center: Stem cell lab, HLA lab, physician and administration offices move

March 12 (Monday)
• All scheduled and emergency surgeries to take place at Indianapolis
• Beech Grove ceases all new admissions; new admits sent to Indianapolis; Oncology, Bone Marrow, and 11th floor ICU move to Indianapolis

March 13 (Tuesday)
• 2T, 9T, and 4th floor ICU move to Indianapolis

March 14 (Wednesday)
• Inpatient Rehab moves to Indianapolis

March 15 (Thursday)
• All remaining patients move to Indianapolis

March 16 (Friday)
• Beech Grove ED closes at 7 a.m.

New eatery offers slice of French cuisine

INDIANAPOLIS -- It was Valentine’s Day 2012, and the day began with a sweetheart of a deal for employees and visitors at the Indianapolis campus.

At 7 a.m. that day, the doors to Brioche Dorée were opened to the public, serving up a wide range of food for every taste. The café, located near the surgery waiting area on the second floor, offers a varied menu in casual and fast-food French dining.

Brioche Dorée, which translates from French as “blond bread,” adds yet a new touch to the expanding Franciscan St. Francis Health-Indianapolis campus, said Sean McKenzie, director of Food and Nutrition Services.

Indeed. Most Brioche Dorée eateries are located in malls, international airports, town centers, universities and hotels. There are more than 450 restaurants operating worldwide, and it’s presence at St. Francis is unique in hospitals around the region.

“The idea of Brioche Dorée, which originated in France in 1975, was quite simply to blend casual food and French tradition,” McKenzie said. “It’s a perfect fit for our hospital and the hundreds of people we serve daily.”

The restaurant’s menu includes soup, salads, sandwiches, gelato, pastries, gourmet coffee, espresso, frappuccino and assorted beverages.

And the new eatery complements the hospital’s year-old Terrace Café, an expansive, full service restaurant located on the second floor near the east Main Entrance (Zone 1).

Brioche Dorée is opened 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Precise planning propels transition to Indianapolis campus

When most of us move to a new home, we take off work or close the office, ask a friend or two to do the same. Life is in flux for days as we get by with the essentials of clean sheets on the bed and a coffee maker and toaster on the kitchen counter top. A lot of things can wait until later to be unpacked.

But when you move a hospital, certain things can’t wait, including patients needing care. For Franciscan St. Francis Health, a move of this scale isn’t completed overnight.

To keep hospital services uninterrupted during the transfer of all inpatient services, surgical services, and the emergency department from the Beech Grove to the Indianapolis campus, a committee of hospital directors and managers has met for more than a year leading up to the March move.

Early on, an independent consulting company helped the committee establish milestones for subcommittees, each addressing specific concerns, including: patient care, support services, IT and marketing.

Since the opening of the new patient tower and emergency room in April 2011, the move to the Indianapolis campus has been slow but steady; recent moves have involved the Breast Center, Endoscopy and Ambulatory Surgery, Volunteer Services and Service Excellence to name but a few.The moving process will ramp up considerably, however, over a two-week period in March, said Matt Pierce, R.N., clinical process manager.

“The final plans continue to evolve, and need minor adjusting,” he said, “and we continue to work closely with departments and units, which all have been helpful and cooperative throughout the process.”

Plans have required that the transition committee not only look at the move of patients and equipment but also consider staff coverage of the units and the supplies and staff for support services.

As for the transfer of patients, fewer is better, and the move plan calls for all new inpatient admissions to cease at Beech Grove on Monday, March 12. This will lower the number of patients needing to be transferred between March 12 and 16. Pierce estimates that between 40 and 50 patients will need to be taken by ambulance from Beech Grove to Indianapolis during this transition week.

Gallery highlights St. Francis Health’s history, legacy in Beech Grove

BEECH GROVE, Ind. – Nearly a century of Franciscan St. Francis Health history and its impact within this community will soon be on display here for the public to view.

A Firm Foundation of Faith & Healing is the name of the photo exhibit which chronicles the mission and legacy of the hospital’s founding in Beech Grove in 1914 by the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration.

The exhibit will be open to the public through March 10. The gallery is in the corridor of the main floor near St. Clare Chapel corridor of the Main (first) floor. Franciscan St. Francis – Beech Grove is located at 1600 Albany St.

“We were invited to establish a health-care ministry in Beech Grove near the turn of the century,” said Sister Marlene Shapley, vice president of Mission Services. “Two of our Sisters traveled by buggy from Lafayette – where a Franciscan hospital had been in operation since1876 – and with the help of local Catholic clergy found a location.

In 1914, the Sisters’ vision became a reality when St. Francis Hospital opened its doors with 75 patient beds and offering the latest medical technology available of that time.

“The hospital was founded on our fundamental belief that human needs should be met in a holistic manner,” Shapley said. “This mission has guided us for nearly a century of service to Beech Grove and south-central Indiana.”

The exhibit is a timeline of photos and other imagery. Visitors can stroll through the decades, seeing the faces of former Sisters, leaders, physicians, nurses and employees at work; the changing nature of medical care; and the myriad events which bolstered and further defined St. Francis’ growth at campuses operating today in Indianapolis and Mooresville.

“We encourage the public to visit us and enjoy images celebrating the dedication, humor, intelligence and expertise of those who worked here before us,” said Kelli Searles, director of Community Relations and Marketing, who has developed and overseen the project. “It is a celebration of our mission and a tribute to those many who have demonstrated that a hospital is more than just bricks and mortar.”

The exhibit was designed by Irongate Creative, an Indianapolis-based multimedia company.

The opening of the gallery sets the stage for the hospital’s consolidation of inpatient services and other programs at Franciscan St. Francis – Indianapolis (8111 S. Emerson Ave.), just seven miles south of Beech Grove. An expansion project has been under way at that campus since 2007 and is nearing completion.

Beech Grove preps for transition to Indy campus in March

INDIANAPOLIS – As Franciscan St. Francis Health moves forward with plans to consolidate inpatient operations from its Beech Grove to Indianapolis campus, the hospital’s Emergency Services will ensure a continuum of care to patients.

At 7 a.m., Monday, March 12, the Beech Grove Emergency Department (ED) at 1600 Albany St. will begin transitioning its services to the hospital’s Indianapolis facility at 8111 S. Emerson Ave. The Beech Grove ED will remain open to treat walk-in patients.

At 7 a.m., Friday, March 16, the Beech Grove ED will shut down entirely, after all its operations are fully integrated at the Indianapolis hospital.

“Local Emergency Medical Services organizations, ambulance services and other relevant medical groups and practices were notified of these changes earlier in the year,” said India Owens, director of Emergency Services. “Every effort is being undertaken to ensure the safety of all patients seeking care in our emergency departments.”

Beech Grove area residents with minor ailments also have the option of seeking treatment at St. Francis Medical Group After-Hours Clinic at 2030 Churchman Ave. Patients also can seek treatment at the After-Hours Clinic at 7855 S. Emerson Ave., Suite P.

Embracing the future of health care

The change in ED operations coincides with the centralization of Franciscan St. Francis’ Beech Grove inpatient care, other clinical programs and administrative support services to the Indianapolis hospital – just seven miles from Beech Grove. The implementation of the initiative, which was years in planning, began in 2007 when the hospital announced a $300 million expansion of its Indianapolis medical center.

With growing patient demand for services on the city’s far south side and landlocked from further growth in Beech Grove since the late 1980s, the hospital embarked to add 221 new inpatient beds to its existing 234 beds and to construct and renovate other clinical and non-clinical units.

“This initiative was undertaken with great deliberation and planning,” said Robert J. Brody, president and chief executive officer for Franciscan St. Francis. “Combining the two hospitals under one roof enables us to perform more efficiently, achieve cost-savings, eliminate duplication of services and further enhance the level of care our patients expect and deserve.”

Continued growth of the Indianapolis hospital has been commensurate with an ever-increasing need for services since the facility first opened in 1995. With the addition of more complex and advanced services and technology, Franciscan St. Francis attracts those located nearby as well as those who come from throughout the region. The campus’ geographic location – located near two Interstate 65 exits – makes it easily accessible and centrally located to more patients.

The consolidation of inpatient services was driven by another key factor.

“For nearly a decade, more than 90 percent of the care delivered at Beech Grove has been performed on an outpatient basis,” said Keith Jewell, senior vice president and chief operating officer, who has overseen the consolidation project. “This, combined with the myriad of other challenges, helps us to adapt accordingly to the ever-changing nature of health care in our area and proactively respond to national health care initiatives as they progress.”

And the two-phase project hasn’t been without challenges. As the national recession deepened in spring 2009, the hospital was forced to delay construction. But within months – and well ahead of other local hospitals’ whose building projects had been put on hold – the project resumed and continued at a steady pace.

In April 2011, Phase I came to fruition when the Franciscan St. Francis opened a new and larger emergency department, Wound Care Institute, new surgical suites, nursing administration and other new features to the six-story tower. Over the last several months, other clinical and administrative support units have migrated to the new facility, most notably with the opening of the new Franciscan St. Francis Cancer Center, which was dedicated Feb. 9.

Now the sights are set on mid-March and beyond.

“Our plans are solid and we’re adapting when changes are needed.” Jewell said. “We have worked closely with our managers, departments and units and they have provided tremendous support throughout the entire process.”

And for good reason: Moving a hospital – if only seven miles – requires a precise, intricate choreography.

Beech Grove: Foundation of healing

Founded in Beech Grove in 1914 by the Order of Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration, St. Francis Hospital boasted 75 patient beds, two operating rooms and the latest in modern technology when it opened.

“We were invited to establish a health-care ministry in Beech Grove and with the help of local Catholic clergy found a location,” said Sister Marlene Shapley, vice president of mission services. “The hospital was founded on our fundamental belief that human needs should be met in a holistic manner.”

For many years, the St. Francis Health officials have worked diligently with Beech Grove elected officials, civic leaders and homeowners to determine the best possible reuses of the facilities and acreage. The hospital is also working with a national broker to market the campus to potential buyers.

Although inpatient and other services will move southward, the Sisters’ commitment to Beech Grove remains intact. Outpatient laboratory, physical therapy and radiology services will remain open at 1600 Albany St. at least through the fall.

Plans also call for the relocation of other clinical services within the Beech Grove community. Security will remain intact throughout the campus.

Additionally, the build-out on a new Franciscan St. Francis Health Immediate Care Center at Thompson Commons at 5210 E. Thompson Road in April, provides Beech Grove residents with another option in health care.

“For nearly a century, we have been a part of the Beech Grove and that community has been an important part of our family – and always shall be,” said Sister Marlene.