Indianapolis Construction Update

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Departments, volunteers adjust to new office

Volunteer Services, along with the Service Excellence Department, will operate more efficiently under one roof after their operations consolidated from the Beech Grove campus to Indianapolis. Both departments are now located near the Women & Children’s Center elevator bank, just down the hall from the gift shop and Jazzman’s CafĂ©.

Even though both departments have moved to the Indianapolis Campus, many volunteers will remain at Beech Grove until the consolidation next March.

The Volunteer Services department has created a new volunteer workroom. With open shelving and portable tables to accommodate both large and small projects, the workroom provides a welcoming atmosphere for the volunteers. The space allows major projects, such as putting together the admission discharge packets for new patients to stuffing envelopes for various departments, to run smoothly.

Franciscan St. Francis Health currently has nearly 600 active volunteers, some volunteering at more than one campus. There are 335 volunteers at Indianapolis, 125 at Beech Grove, 70 at Mooresville, and 38 off-site. Five members of the Service Excellence staff have moved to the Indianapolis Campus while the others continue to serve Beech Grove.

Monday, December 5, 2011

New procedure areas provide cutting-edge care options

As the construction continues on the new patient tower at the Franciscan St. Francis Health-Indianapolis campus, the former ambulatory surgery and endoscopy areas in the first-floor outpatient area undergo a facelift that’s more than skin deep.

In December, a new hospital department will open for patients having outpatient endoscopy or interventional radiology procedures or surgery. The benefits of this combined unit include a more streamlined delivery of care for the patient and enhanced staffing coverage for these surgery services. The unit will have five endoscopy rooms, 16 pre- and post-surgery rooms and several pre-op exam rooms, all in one general area. Surgery patients will be transported to the second-floor operating rooms by the elevators located in the unit.

The new organization of these services will provide patients with more of a small clinic experience,with the benefit of being cared for at a full-service hospital. Patients can register and have their pre-op examination, procedure prep and post-procedure recovery all in one location. Private pre- and post-procedure rooms are arranged in small pods with a central nursing station, keeping nursing staff close to patients. Patients and families can even talk to a financial counselor if they desire, without leaving the first-floor department.