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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A moveable feat: Beech Grove move of units, services slated for mid-March

Moving a hospital – even if only a scant seven miles from one location to another – is no easy task and requires tedious planning, flexibility and attention to detail. But that’s what is now taking place as Franciscan St. Francis Health prepares to migrate inpatient services from Beech Grove to Indianapolis.

During the week of March 12-16, all Beech Grove inpatient units will move. Unit-by-unit details on the unit-by-unit move are still being finalized with the overriding goal of minimizing the disruption of services to patients and their care, Indianapolis Campus Expansion (ICE) leaders report.

The new patient rooms are on the third-to-six floors in the bed tower.

“Surgical services will transition to Indianapolis, as well, during this time,” said COO Keith Jewell. “However, we will
maintain emergency operating room services at Beech Grove until all patients are moved.”

The Beech Grove Emergency Department will be the last patient care area to shut down on March 16, thus ensuring the hospital’s ability to respond to the vital needs of the community.

Meanwhile, October was a busy month for some departments.
  • Service Excellence and Volunteer Services moved into their new area on the first floor, located in the former Emergency Department.
  • The new surgery waiting area has set up shop in the renovated area of the old cafeteria, which will later also house a café, the Human Resources Department, and offices for hospital administration and medical staff.
  • Endoscopy services and respiratory care are now making plans to locate to the former surgery area and basement of the heart center respectively in November.

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