Indianapolis Construction Update

Monday, November 16, 2009

Exterior nearing completion; workers to move indoors

With winter approaching, the first order of business for workers on the construction site is to enclosethe new patient tower.

The tower crane, originally installed in May 2008, was removed the first weekend in October. The two-day processwent without a hitch, according to Brian Phillips, project manager. Another 550-ton truck-mounted crane, brought on site to dismantle and remove it, came with a 135-foot main boom and a 308,000-pound counterweight. The heaviest section of the 17-piece tower crane weighed 34,000 pounds.

By mid-October, the roof, ceilings and concrete for the floors had been installed where the crane once stood within the patient tower.

By mid-November, the outer concrete panels and glass—the “skin” of the building—will be installed, and the air handlers will be operational. At that time, more construction workers will be on site to continue work inside.

In 2011, the basement and first three floors of the new addition will be finishedand ready to be occupied by the Emergency Department, Cafeteria, Environmental Services, Surgery, Education Department, Nursing Administration and other services.

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