Indianapolis Construction Update

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

St. Francis COO answers questions about construction

Whether watching from a downtown Indy skyscraper or seeing the crane as you drive along I-65, you’ve likely seen the construction at the St. Francis Hospital—Indianapolis campus. And, you may want to know more about what this means for your health care, particularly at this uncertain time in the economy.

That’s why we’re opening up this blog to your questions. St. Francis’ Chief Operating Officer Keith Jewell will be on hand from noon to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, Feb. 3, to answer your questions about the construction project and what it means for medical services on the Indianapolis south side. Please take advantage of this opportunity to join in the conversation.

This chat session is very much a real conversation. For this reason we ask that you observe the same etiquette when participating in the chat session as you would in day-to-day conversation.

Those who would like to post comments should observe some simple conversational guidelines below. St. Francis reserves the right to delete comments we think may be offensive to the audience at large.

If you are unable to participate in the chat session, you can e-mail your questions to the St. Francis Community Relations team by 10 a.m. on Feb 3, and we will address many of your questions during our session.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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  • We cannot comment on official business on the part of the cities of Indianapolis, Beech Grove or Greenwood, nor on the Beech Grove Redevelopment Commission.
  • If you have comments or concerns regarding your patient experience at St. Francis, please complete this form to reach our Service Excellence department.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Construction doesn’t freeze in winter weather

While Indianapolis braces for bitter wind chills and several inches of snow, construction continues to heat up on the St. Francis Hospital–Indianapolis patient bed tower, where steel soon will be erected on the fourth and fifth floors.

Crews are taking added steps to protect the safety of their teams and the materials during these frigid temperatures, said Brian Phillips, construction manager with Tonn & Blank Construction, who is managing the construction project.

Just like anyone who goes outside, construction crew members take care to dress in layers and protect their skin during hazardous weather. “It’s no different than going skiing,” Phillips said.

What is different is their work day. More than an hour of any work day may be spent simply getting supplies prepped and safely ready to work with. But snow, ice and cold temperatures can get in the way.

“There’s quite a bit of time warming up equipment, de-icing and shoveling snow,” Phillips said.

Other steps must be taken to ensure that construction materials such as fireproofing and concrete do not freeze in below-freezing temperatures. Freeze-guard additives, heaters and construction drapes all help keep products in good working condition.

“Some of the areas actually get pretty warm,” Phillips said. “You’ll see some workers strip off their coats and work in T-shirts, even in this weather.”