Indianapolis Construction Update

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

'Big dig' underway at Indianapolis campus

Project leaders with Tonn and Blank Construction report that the “big dig” for the foundation of the new six-story Bed Tower is now under way and it could be up to two weeks before it is completed. The major excavation will take three to five weeks because additional shoring needs to be installed.

The primary excavation should not present any new traffic or parking restrictions.
Automobile access from the north (off Stop 11 Road) on the former perimeter road to the loading dock and the physician parking lots behind Medical Office Buildings I and II will remain open.

However, three building exits facing the now-former Heart Center parking lot will be closed due to the construction, one each at D Wing, the Heart Center and Ambulatory Surgery.

Shuttle service eases parking crunch

This week's forecast of rainy weather needn't dampen the spirits of Heart Center visitors.

Since the opening of the new Heart Center parking lot, two shuttle buses have been operating on the east side of Indianapolis campus. In most cases, patients, employees and visitors are met by one of the shuttle buses as soon as they park their cars in the new Heart Center lot.

Primarily, passengers are taken to the Heart Center front entrance, where they can access that facility and other parts of the campus. By request, the shuttles will take passengers to other entrances around the hospital campus.

The free shuttle service operates from 5 a.m. to midnight Monday through Friday. The buses, which can hold up to 12 passengers, are equipped with wheelchair lifts.