Indianapolis Construction Update

Monday, January 28, 2008

Bed Tower excavation to start

Primary excavation is set to begin at the site for the new Bed Tower at St. Francis Hospital—Indianapolis campus. Digging will start soon on the site that hosted the former Heart Center parking lot (east side of campus) where a new, six-story inpatient facility will be built.

The primary excavation should not present any new traffic changes or restrictions, as the former Heart Center parking lot and lower half of the east section of the former perimeter road were taken out of service in December. Staging of digging equipment should not interfere with traffic flow in and around the Heart Center.

Automobile access from the north (off Stop 11 Road) on the former perimeter road to the loading dock and the physician parking lots behind Medical Office Buildings I and II will remain open throughout primary excavation.

However, three building exits facing the now-former Heart Center parking lot will be closed due to the construction – one each on D Wing, the Heart Center and Ambulatory Surgery.

Initial phases of the bed tower construction project were completed in late December — most notably the paving and opening of the first new parking area and a new perimeter road — located directly between the Heart Center and I-65.

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