Indianapolis Construction Update

Saturday, December 29, 2007

New parking lot and perimeter road open

The new parking lot on the southern-most section of the Indianapolis campus is now open to vehicles.

With the opening of the new lot comes the closing of the existing Heart Center parking lot (also known as "Blue Lot #2"). In January, primary excavation for the new Indianapolis Bed Tower will begin in that lot.

The new lot will serve as the primary parking area for Heart Center patients and visitors (as well as physicians and staff) who have recently been parking in the Heart Center lot or the Green lots to the north and east of Medical Office Building #2.

The new perimeter road and a new driveway are also open for traffic. The road extends east toward I-65, curves north, then extends west to near the current Stop 11 Rd. entrance. The permanent driveway leads exclusively to the Heart Center entrance.

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