Indianapolis Construction Update

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Stoplights planned for Stop 11, Emerson roads

New homes mean more traffic.

The construction boom in south Indianapolis and Greenwood has led to longer commutes for drivers using Emerson and Stop 11 roads.

To help with congestion, St. Francis Hospital & Health Centers is working with city officials, Indianapolis Power & Light and engineering firms to install needed traffic lights on both Emerson Avenue and Stop 11 Road.

A stoplight on Stop 11, near the east entrance to St. Francis Hospital-Indianapolis and the entrance to Indiana Heart Physicians, should be installed by winter 2007. A traffic study last year verified that a traffic signal was needed there. After a utility pole is relocated, work will begin to install the light.

In addition, St. Francis and A&F Engineering filed a request to add a traffic light at the north entrance of the Indianapolis campus on Emerson Avenue in July. Another traffic study will be required at this intersection, however, the light will likely be installed by summer 2008.

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